Leftist Corporate Media Reporter: ‘Excessive Free Speech Is a Breeding Ground for More Trumps’ – EVOL

A leftist corporate media reporter has been ruthlessly mocked after he attempted to warn the public about allowing a “tsunami of free expression.”

Lawrence Martin, a Canadian journalist with Canada’s establishment media outlet Globe and Mail, published an article denouncing the free speech Americans alternatively enjoy as a birthright.

Martin warned that the First Amendment is causing “excessive free speech” which he says “is a breeding ground for more Trumps.”

Since it was published Wednesday, Martin’s authoritarian article has been widely mocked online.

It was even ridiculed by one of the plaintiffs who sued Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration for pressuring social media companies to censor Americans.

Martin opens his article with excitement over the prospect that the U.S. Supreme Court might come down on the side of the Biden administration in Murthy v. Missouri.

Evidently accustomed to this style of overreach under the Trudeau regime, Martin, who once served as the Globe’s bureau chief in Washington, wrote:

“There was a bit of good news about the future of public discourse this week.

“The United States Supreme Court, even though stacked with right-wingers, sounded like it was ready to give the Biden administration the go-ahead to try to persuade social-media



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