Lawyer for ‘Meatball’ Looter Claims Criticism of Philadelphia Rioter Is ‘Racist’

The lawyer representing the looter known as “Meatball” has claimed that critics of the live-streaming Philadelphia rioter are “racist.”

21-year-old Dayjia Blackwell, known on social media as “Meatball,” filmed herself taking part in looting as violent mobs of rioters ransacked stores in the city last week, as Slay News reported.

Blackwell broadcasted the crimes to her 181,000 followers on Instagram.

Shortly after, police arrested her for encouraging the incident.

However, Blackwell’s attorney, Jessica Mann, claims she is being “mercilessly vilified,” despite the fact that she streamed evidence of her crimes on social media.

“It sickens me to witness the media’s complicity in what can only be described as an all-out assault on black and brown people, as their character and actions are mercilessly vilified,” Mann wrote on Friday.

She continued by accusing police of posting Blackwell’s mugshot “with tears streaming down her face and her hair a mess to satisfy your need to get ‘clicks’ and to sell a salacious story.”

NEW: Philadelphia looter ‘meatball’ arrested on camera hours after laughing as mob looted Apple, Lululemon and other stores. Here’s her tearful mugshot:

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) September 27, 2023

“The rightful story should be one of Dayjia



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