Laura Ingraham Slams Biden for Telling House Fire Story during Maui Visit: ‘Pathological Liar!’

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham has slammed Democrat President Joe Biden over his controversial visit to Maui, Hawaii this week.

Ingraham blasted Biden as a “pathological liar” and ripped his rambling about a 2004 fire in his home during his visit.

As Slay News reported, Biden has provoked a severe backlash from Hawaii’s residents after he cracked jokes and talked about himself while visiting Maui to look at the damage from the wildfires.

At least 114 people died but the true total will be many more when all the dead are counted.

Almost 1000 people are still unaccounted for, according to authorities.

Biden gave a speech during his visit where he cracked jokes and told rambling stories about himself.

On multiple occasions, he declined to comment on the disaster, including one instance while he was vacationing in Delaware.

During one speech in Maui, Biden went off script and changed the subject to invoke a story about the death of his late wife.


At one point during another speech in Maui, Biden compared the devastating wildfires to a small kitchen fire in his house several years ago.

He then joked that he almost lost his valuable Corvette in the minor fire.

As outraged Hawaiians



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