Larry Elder Dooms Joe Biden With List Of Racially Charged Things Joe Has Said And Done In Career

Republican presidential candidate Larry Elder turned the tables on “The Breakfast Club” when he told host, Charlamagne Tha god who President Joe Biden really is. Elder said:

“I’m acutely aware, Charlamagne, that I’m a black person just as you are a black person. And when Joe Biden insulted you by saying you ain’t really black if you don’t know whether or not you want to vote for me or vote for Donald Trump, that should have been a wakeup call on your part.

“To have a white guy come in here, who also said by the way, about Mitt Romney because he didn’t want to put more regulations of Wall Street, he gonna put ya’ll back in chains. 

“And Joe Biden has lied for decades about his civil rights record, claiming that he desegregated movie theaters and restaurants in Wilmington, Delaware when he didn’t do any of that.

“He lied and said he tried to visit Nelson Mandella during apartheid South Africa. He did not. 

“And he came here and told you, you aren’t even black unless you think a certain kind of way. 

“It seems to me that should have been a wakeup call for you but it wasn’t



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