Key Prosecution Witness Michael Cohen Expected to Testify in Trump Trial – EVOL

This is what evidence has been presented so far.

With prosecutors expecting to call only two more witnesses before resting their case against former President Donald Trump, the trial this coming week is sure to feature extensive testimony by the Manhattan District Attorney’s star witness, Michael Cohen.

The controversial ex-Trump lawyer originated the claims that led to the 34-count criminal indictment of President Trump, alleging that 11 invoices that Mr. Cohen billed and their corresponding check payments and vouchers were falsified business records created to cover up a scheme to influence the 2016 elections.

Prosecutors allege that the payments to Mr. Cohen were not in fact legal expenses but reimbursement for a “hush money” payment. They spent earlier parts of the trial establishing context with witnesses on the peripheries of these transactions but have not yet presented in court testimony directly alleging President Trump’s involvement.

However, Mr. Cohen is known to have lied multiple times under oath—with one of those instances resulting in a perjury conviction—and is a vocal critic of President Trump, making him a potentially risky witness.

Prosecutors also revealed last week that former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg may not testify, meaning that the jury may have to decide whether



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