Kevin McCarthy Says Impeachment Inquiry Will Require a Floor Vote: Is He Slow-Playing or Avoiding it Altogether?

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The differences between Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and his predecessor Nancy Pelosi go far beyond Republican versus Democrat. Pelosi had nothing and rapidly moved to impeach President Trump twice. McCarthy has everything and is taking forever to impeach Joe Biden.

It’s telling that McCarthy’s latest statement about impeachment came late on a Friday. That’s the magic moment in politics when announcements are made or press releases are dropped to get them the least amount of attention from the media.

According to Breitbart, McCarthy is only going to launch an impeachment investigation into Biden once the House votes to do so. By comparison, Pelosi simply announced she was launching investigations and had an actual vote on it months later with the first impeachment of Trump.

Breitbart, which appears to support McCarthy’s strategy, posted:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made clear to Breitbart News on Friday that if House Republicans move forward with an impeachment inquiry into Democrat President Joe Biden, the move would come not as an announcement from him or anyone else, but from a formal vote on the floor of the House.

“To open an



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