Kevin Costner Shares Amazing Pro-Gun Story - EVOL

Veteran actor Kevin Costner shared an unlikely pro-gun story while accepting the T. Boone Pickens Lifetime Sportsman Award in Dallas.

The “Yellowstone” star shared a story about how his grandmother had given him his first gun when he was five-years-old. “They lost everything in the Dust Bowl when the banks closed their doors,” Costner said of his grandmother’s upbringing. “But before that gun could pass into my hands, my mother had it in hers, and she said, ‘Absolutely not,’” he continued. “It was a standoff between two strong women — enough to break up my birthday party with me looking 3 feet below, looking up.

“But my grandmother, not wanting it to go any farther — she took the gun back from my mom and she held it up and she simply said, in her Oklahoma twang that if he misuses it, you can take it from him. My mother agreed without a word, and my grandmother bent down and handed it to me.”

In something that would be unheard of today, Costner went on to recount how he loved his second gun so much that he would take it to school with him. “I remember taking it to



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