Keith Olbermann Humiliated after Public Shredding from Riley Gaines: ‘Profoundly Dumb’

Failed media leftist Keith Olbermann tried to pick a fight with former female swimming champion-turned-women’s rights activist Riley Gaines but ended up getting publicly humiliated.

Gaines was a prolific former collegiate swimmer who was famously forced to compete against a male competitor, Lia Thomas.

Olbermann, a former ESPN and MSNBC anchor, tried to mock Gaines on Twitter/X for not being able to compete against stronger and faster “trans women.”

It didn’t end well for Olbermann, however, who got brutalized online over it.

Olbermann used to have a chair on “SportsCenter” back when ESPN was watchable and covered sports.

Now he is resorting to telling Gaines, a decorated female swimmer, that she “sucked” because she opposes naked men in women’s locker rooms and believes male athletes have an unfair advantage in the field of play.

A back-and-forth between the two started Wednesday night after Olbermann responded to a Twitter comment Gaines had made on another post.

Gaines took on Democrat Nebraska State Sen. Megan Hunt for advocating for sacred women’s spaces to be eliminated.

According to the “woke” Left,  replacing women with men is now somehow a feminist stance.

Nebraska’s Republican Gov. Jim Pillen established a so-called “Bill of Rights



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