Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Asked Million-Dllar Question About Biden’s Fitness For Office: “Is it any concern that Biden would fully re-tell a story in the same space, same event?”

Karine Jean-Pierre was grilled today by two White House reporters over the shocking senior moment President Joe Biden had at a recent fundraiser when he told the same story nearly work-for-word minutes apart.

She had no answer but America needs one because Biden is showing he is not up to the job. And that is a terrifying thought. Watch the videos below.

The White House pool report described it: “POTUS began speaking at 4:09 pm. His remarks were given in a well-appointed living room after an introduction by the event’s host, Amy Goldman Fowler. About two dozen people were in attendance.

After briefly touting his economic record, POTUS reflected on his decision to seek the presidency. He told the story about the events of Charlottesville in 2017 as the reason for his campaign.  A few minutes later, he told the story again, nearly word for word.

According to The White House Transcript Biden said:

“But then along came, in August of 2017, Charlottesville, Virginia.  You remember those folks walking out of the fields literally carrying torches, with Nazi swastikas, holding them forward, singing the same vicious, anti-Semitic bile — the same exact bile — bile that was sung in



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