Kamala Harris: Trump Is 'Bowing Down' to Putin – EVOL

Kamala Harris has appeared on national television and accused President Donald Trump of “bowing down” to Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Harris is the vice president.

She was also appointed as Democrat President Joe Biden’s so-called “border czar.”

However, as thousands of illegal aliens flood the Southern Border every single day, many Americans have been wondering where Harris has been for the past three years.

Nevertheless, she’s now re-appeared on far-left propaganda network MSNBC to promote Hillary Clinton’s favorite false narrative about President Trump.

Harris said during a Monday appearance on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that Trump is bending a knee to Putin.

Luckily for Harris and the Democrats, MSNBC doesn’t require a shed of evidence for such salacious claims and will happily air any unsupported anti-Trump claims, without pushback.

Harris told Mitchell:

“We need to do our part, and we have been very clear that the United States Congress must act.

“I will say that one point that gives me some level of optimism is we are clear in the knowledge that there is bipartisan support both in the Senate, which we have seen a demonstration of, and in the House.

“So let’s



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