Kamala Harris Launches New Fake Attack On Donald Trump – EVOL

Kamala Harris, the vice president, recently made an appearance on national television where she accused President Donald Trump of capitulating to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Harris, who is also serving as Democrat President Joe Biden’s “border czar,” has faced criticism from many Americans who question her whereabouts during the ongoing crisis at the Southern Border.

Despite this, she has now resurfaced on MSNBC, a far-left propaganda network, to propagate Hillary Clinton’s favorite false narrative about President Trump. During her appearance on “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Harris claimed that Trump is subservient to Putin. Fortunately for Harris and the Democrats, MSNBC does not require any evidence to support such sensational allegations and is willing to broadcast unsupported anti-Trump claims without any pushback.

Harris told Mitchell:

“We need to do our part, and we have been very clear that the United States Congress must act.

“I will say that one point that gives me some level of optimism is we are clear in the knowledge that there is bipartisan support both in the Senate, which we have seen a demonstration of, and in the House.

“So let’s put this to a vote in the House.

“I am certain that it will



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