Kamala Harris Breaks Silence On Election Debate – EVOL

Vice President Kamala Harris has accepted to participate in a solo debate against whoever former President Donald Trump selects as his vice presidential candidate. This decision was reached following an announcement made by Fox News hosts Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier on Friday, revealing that their network had extended the invitation to organize a vice presidential debate.

“This is the Wild West of debate proposals. We put out a debate proposal for a presidential debate. It was accepted by former President Trump. Not accepted yet by the Biden camp in early October and now there’s a pitch specifically for the vice presidential debate that went out about half an hour ago to both campaigns, suggesting that in addition, the Fox News media has reached out to Virginia State University (VSU) as a possible location since it was selected by the Commission of Presidential Debates to be the first a historically black college or university to host a presidential debate,” Baier reported.

“So we are making this formal request for a Vice President of debate either July 23rd, August 13th, or after the RNC and DNC conventions, and just in the past few minutes as that has gone out I



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