Kamala Harris ACCEPTS… Trump Can’t Stop Smiling – EVOL

The Biden-Harris campaign has officially confirmed that Vice President Kamala Harris will be participating in a VP candidate debate organized by CBS News during the upcoming summer. Harris’s team has stated that CBS has proposed two potential dates for the debate, namely July 23 or August 13.

“The Biden-Harris campaign has informed CBS News that we accept the network’s invitation to participate in a Vice Presidential debate, in studio, on either of two dates,” the campaign said.

The campaign agreed to the debate under the following guidelines: “It would not have an in-person audience, that there be firm time limits for answers, alternate turns to speak and candidate’s microphone should only be on when it is their turn to speak.”

“We look forward to the Trump campaign accepting one of these dates so that the full debate calendar for this campaign can be set,” the Biden-Harris campaign said.

Former President Donald Trump has not yet chosen a running mate. The expected Republican presidential candidate has confirmed participation in two debates prior to the general election: one with CNN scheduled for June 27 and another with ABC News set for September 10. Trump has stated that he will delay the



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