Justice Sotomayor on the Reality of Being a Liberal in a Conservative Court: 'I Live in Frustration' – EVOL

Conservative logic can make liberals weep — perhaps literally.

Just ask Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who on Friday told a Harvard University audience that life can be very hard now that conservatives form a majority on the court.

“There are days that I’ve come to my office after an announcement of a case and closed my door and cried,” Sotomayor Friday said while at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, to scoop up an award, according to CNN.

“There have been those days. And there are likely to be more,” she said.

Sotomayor did not address specifics, but as the end of the court term approaches, so will major cases that deal with abortion and former President Donald Trump’s claim that presidential immunity should shield him from criminal cases brought by President Joe Biden’s Justice Department.


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“There are moments when I’m deeply, deeply sad,” she said Friday.

She made a lot of money.. why would she be sad? pic.twitter.com/pWrLqCXnFs

— Sunnydaze (@TanyaSh93952310) May



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