JUST IN: White House Counsel Bails On Biden As Oversight Closes In On Bribery Scheme

The White House has announced the departure of its top lawyer, Stuart Delery, who will be leaving next month after nearly three years of service under President Biden, as House Republicans hone in on the former veep’s alleged bribery scheme. Delery initially joined Biden’s transition team in November 2020 and later served as deputy counsel. He was promoted to the top position in 2022, succeeding Dana Remus.

Joe Biden expressed his gratitude for Delery’s contributions, stating, “Stuart Delery has been a trusted adviser and a constant source of innovative legal thinking since Day One of my Administration.”

“From his work during those early days of COVID-19 and efforts to get life-saving vaccines to the American public to the implementation of major legislative accomplishments such as the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the Inflation Reduction Act, he has been an integral part of my team and will be missed throughout the Administration,” Biden’s statement read.

The departure of Delery coincides with a request from White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients, who has asked senior officials and Cabinet members to decide by the end of the summer if they intend to retain their positions through 2024 and the



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