JUST IN: Reporter Indicted For Allegedly Hacking Fox News, Leaking Tucker Videos – EVOL

Journalist Timothy Burke has been indicted on charges related to a cyber attack on Fox News. Burke is accused of obtaining unfavorable videos of Tucker Carlson, in which the former host mocked gender pronouns and made off-color remarks about a Fox makeup artist.

The videos had circulated online last year, shortly after Carlson, who had been the network’s top host for years, was abruptly fired. The indictment, first reported by the Washington Post, came after an investigation into the leaked content which portrayed Carlson in a negative light.

Burke’s attorney firmly denied his client’s involvement, arguing that the videos were publicly accessible at the time they were leaked. Despite this, the FBI conducted a search of Burke’s house in Florida last May, just before Fox News was alerted to potential cybercrimes against it.

The search was part of a broader investigation into how the videos were released to the public.


Mark Rasch, a lawyer representing Burke, acknowledged to The Washington Post that a search of Burke’s residence was conducted as part of the investigation into the cybercrime allegations against Fox News. However, Rasch refuted any claims of illegal actions by Burke.

“He never hacked Fox News,” Rasch stated. “We



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