JUST IN: Michael Cohen's Testimony Can Be Used Against Him! – EVOL

It just keeps getting better (my perspective) when it comes to Michael Cohen.

Now Fox News reports that not only has the case against Donald Trump imploded, but things may now Boomerang and turn on Cohen.

From Fox News:

[embedded content]

Full transript:

The defenses cross-examination of
Michael Cohen is back underway let’s
bring in trial attorney Mercedes Cen uh
Todd blanch is exploring some

interesting ground right now and that is
secret recordings that Michael Cohen had
on his phone according to our Carrie
kupek Cohen has testified that he had

about a hundred secret recordings on his
phone about 40 of them were with
journalists one of them was with the
former president of the United States we

don’t know what the other ones were but
I’m not quite sure what he’s getting at
here I mean legally speaking if you’re
in New York which is a one party

consent state but you’re recording
somebody who’s in California which is a
two-party State the stricter law is the
superseding law so potentially there’s a

an infringement on the law there but
what do you think the bigger picture is
here great to be on with you John and
Sandra as always it really is about

giving the jury the perspective that
Michael Cohen is untrustworthy it’s
cringeworthy for



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