JUST IN: Kidnapping Case Dropped Against Man Who Gave Money To ‘Sound Of Freedom’

The case against Fabian Marta, a Missouri native who was arrested on a charge relating to child kidnapping, was dismissed Monday after a jury opted not to indict. Marta’s case had generated national interest because he was identified as one of more than 6,000 investors for the crowd-funded summer hit Sound Of Freedom.

In August, police said Marta had helped another man “harbor” two girls in an apartment. Police alleged that Marta prevented the girls from returning to their mother by stopping the police from entering the apartment, according to KSDK.

The case was ultimately dismissed Monday after a St. Louis jury, as well as the state of Missouri, found no evidence of a crime. “Now comes the State of Missouri and enters a memorandum of Nolle Prosequi in the above-styled cause for the reason that this matter has been presented to the St. Louis Circuit Court Grand Jury and the State has insufficient evidence to obtain a conviction,” reads a memorandum on the now dismissed case.

“We are obviously thrilled that the grand jury did not indict and this case was dismissed,” said Scott Rosenblum, Marta’s attorney. “I said from the beginning Mr. Marta should never have been charged.”



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