JUST IN: Fani Willis' Case Takes Devastating Blow With Georgia Court's Ruling – EVOL

Oral arguments for former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants’ appeal to disqualify prosecutor Fani Willis have been tentatively set for October 4. The scheduling suggests that Trump’s trial for alleged election interference in Georgia is unlikely to commence before the 2024 presidential election, according to details provided in a docket notice sent to defense counsel.

“A calendar will be sent to counsel of record confirming the exact date of oral argument,” a notice said. ABC News contributor and former Georgia prosecutor Chris Timmons weighed in on the October hearing, indicating that it virtually guarantees former President Donald Trump will not face trial before the 2024 election.

Last August, Trump, along with 18 co-defendants, pleaded not guilty to charges in the comprehensive racketeering indictment tied to alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia. Trump has vehemently criticized the district attorney’s investigation, labeling it as politically driven. Last month, the appeals court decided to hear the appeal from former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants.

They are challenging a decision that permitted Willis to stay on the case, despite revelations of her romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, another prosecutor involved. Wade resigned following the disclosure. Meanwhile, Judge



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