JUST IN: DOJ Finds 'Inconsistencies' Regarding Fani Willis – EVOL

The Department of Justice has turned its attention to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, amid allegations of financial mismanagement and larger implications of her high-profile investigative efforts against former President Donald Trump. The DOJ has scrutinized Willis over her handling of federal grant funds following whistleblower allegations and subsequent claims of financial inconsistencies. The inquiry intersects with Willis’s high-profile role in leading the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s actions during the Georgia election in 2020.

Willis’s office, which has gained national attention for its investigation into Trump’s election interference, is under the microscope for potentially misusing a $488,000 grant designated for gang prevention efforts in Fulton County. The DOJ’s probe was sparked by whistleblower Amanda Timpson, who alleges she was fired after voicing concerns in 2021 that funds were being allocated for purposes unrelated to the grant’s intentions.

Timpson’s accusations led to a broader review by the DOJ, which, according to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, found “inconsistencies” in how the grant money was reported by Fulton County, specifically relating to funds purportedly directed to the Offender Alumni Association, a claim the charity disputes.

A spokesperson for the DOJ stated, “During our review of the award



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