JUST IN: Court Upholds Massive Election Integrity Victory In Pennsylvania – EVOL

In a resounding affirmation of election integrity, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has ruled on a significant voting case, impacting the handling of absentee ballots in Pennsylvania. On a decisive 9-4 vote, the court denied an en banc review of a prior decision that upheld the enforceability of the date requirement on absentee ballots. The ruling confirms that absentee ballots missing proper dates will not be counted, marking a substantial victory for those advocating for stringent election standards.

The case, involving various voter advocacy groups including the Pennsylvania State Conference of NAACP branches and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, challenged the dismissal of absentee ballots that were not dated correctly according to state laws. The appellants, including the Secretary of the Commonwealth and several county boards of elections, argued that the date requirement was a necessary measure to maintain the sanctity and order of the voting process.

Absentee ballots missing dates or having incorrect information can be a significant issue in elections. The problem can lead to ballots being disqualified if they do not meet the specific legal requirements, which often include a postmark date or a voter’s signature and date on an



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