Judge Strikes Down Transgender Athlete Ban in New York County – EVOL

A judge has nullified an executive order from Nassau County, New York, which banned male players from competing at county-run facilities in any league that didn’t match their biological sex or wasn’t coed or mixed.

In a ruling issued on May 10, Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Francis Ricigliano stated that Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman lacked the authority to enact the transgender athlete ban without corresponding approval from the Nassau County Legislature.

“Precedent has repeatedly established that an executive cannot enact his/her own view of what persons should be protected from discrimination without regard to laws enacted by the legislature,” the judge wrote.

Mr. Blakeman issued the executive order on Feb. 22, prohibiting the Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation & Museums from issuing permits for the use of county facilities for competitions or sports events in which males participate in female-designated teams and leagues. The ban only applied to female-identifying males while allowing the department to issue permits for events in which women compete in men’s leagues or events.

“There is a movement for biological males to bully their way into competing in sports or leagues or teams that identify themselves or advertise themselves as girls’ or



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