Judge Rules on College Suspensions of Arrested Anti-Israel Agitators – EVOL

A judge in Arizona has ruled on a case regarding the college suspensions of several students behind anti-Israel protests on campus.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona denied a motion that would have lifted the suspension of twenty students arrested last week amid anti-Israel protests.

Judge John Tuchi denied the Arizona State University students’ motion to have their college suspensions lifted on Friday, according to local outlet ABC 15.

The defendants filed the lawsuit against the Arizona Board of Regents on Tuesday.

They allege that their suspension from ASU is causing “irreparable harm” due to their inability to enroll in classes.

The students, who are charged with trespassing, also alleged that the suspensions violate their First Amendment rights.

Approximately 72 individuals were arrested on Apr. 26 and taken into custody while continuing protests on the Arizona State University campus.

Police officers cleared the Old Main Lawn area overnight — those arrested included both students and faculty.

Judge Tuchi ruled that the students did not provide sufficient evidence that their First Amendment rights had been violated.

Additionally, expressing free speech does not permit a person to commit other crimes while doing so, the judge noted.

Tuchi also



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