Judge Overturns Election after Democrat Voter Fraud Exposed

A Louisiana judge has overturned an election after a voter fraud scheme was exposed that saw the Democrat candidate “win” the race by a single vote.

Retired Louisiana Supreme Court Justice E. Joseph Bleich determined that the “victory” of the Democrat candidate Henry Whitehorn is nullified due to the presence of illegal votes.

In response, the judge has mandated a fresh election, during which the Democrat vote tally will be closely monitored, to rectify the situation.

According to KSLA, Democrat Henry Whitehorn emerged as the apparent winner in the Caddo Parish sheriff race in November, narrowly defeating Republican John Nickelson by a solitary vote out of over 43,000 cast.

Justice Bleich’s ruling unequivocally established that a minimum of 11 illegal votes were cast and counted, making it legally impossible to ascertain the accurate vote count.

Responding to the verdict, Nickelson filed a lawsuit seeking a new election, as reported by KSLA.

This legal move ensued after an initial recount failed to alter Whitehorn’s slim victory margin.

Bleich presided over the case following the recusal of three judges with affiliations to the candidates, according to the outlet.

The ruling details that two individuals cast duplicate votes, and four votes were



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