Judge Overseeing 14th Amendment Case to Keep Trump Off Ballot Makes First BIG Ruling

A state judge in Colorado who is overseeing a novel attempt to prevent former President Donald Trump from appearing on the 2024 ballot, citing the “insurrection” clause of the 14th Amendment, has already issued a major ruling in the case.

According to the site Man And Home, Judge Sarah B. Wallace of the Second Judicial District, “took a proactive step to maintain the safety of all involved parties, including herself and her staff,” including the issuance of “a protective order prohibiting threats and intimidation during the ongoing litigation.”

“I 100% understand everybody’s concerns for the parties, the lawyers, and frankly myself and my staff based on what we’ve seen in other cases,” she noted during last week’s hearing, the site reported.

Scott Gessler, a former Colorado secretary of state representing Trump in the matter, opposed the order, arguing that it is unnecessary since making threats and intimidating witnesses is already against the law.

The site added:


The lawsuit aims to disqualify Trump from the 2024 ballot with the 14th Amendment, which contains a clause banning anyone who engaged in insurrection after swearing an oath to the Constitution from running for office. The case revolves around Trump’s



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