Judge Merchan Rejects Trump's Request to Sanction Prosecutors – EVOL

Manhattan prosecutors just got a free pass from the judge.

On Thursday, Judge Juan Merchan decided they won’t be penalized.

For what?

For dropping a nearly 200,000-page document bomb on Trump’s defense team right before the trial.

Is anyone surprised?

The defense wanted sanctions, but Merchan said no dice.

It’s almost like Merchan is playing against Trump.

Classic legal drama where the case seems to be rigged against the President.

Read “Judge in “hush money” trial rejects Trump request to sanction prosecutors’ on SmartNews: https://t.co/Mrc71HVk8w

— Tammy Nelson (@TammyNe68237545) May 24, 2024

CBS News reports:

Manhattan prosecutors won’t be penalized for a last-minute document dump that caused former President Donald Trump’s hush money criminal trial to start later than scheduled, a judge ruled Thursday.

Judge Juan Merchan rejected the defense’s request that prosecutors be sanctioned for a deluge of nearly 200,000 pages of evidence just weeks before the trial’s scheduled start. The documents were from a previous federal investigation into the matter.

Merchan agreed to delay the start of the trial from March 25 to April 15 to allow the former president’s lawyers to review the material. But at a hearing in March, he rejected their claim that the



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