Judge Engoron Fines Trump $10,000 for Violating Gag Order Again

Radical Judge Arthur Engoron has fined President Donald Trump $10,000 for allegedly violating the politically motivated “gag order” in the New York case.

The gag order prevents the 45th president from speaking about those overseeing his civil fraud trial in New York, despite the impact that the get-Trump case has on his 2024 campaign.

In an unexpected twist, Trump was sworn in as a witness to respond to allegations he violated the gag order against him in his fraud case.

He is accused of violating the order by allegedly commenting about a court secretary.

Trump slowly ascended the stand, straightening his blue jacket when sitting down.

He took an oath and swore to tell the truth.

Trump then turned his attention toward the judge.

Judge Arthur Engoron asked whether Trump made the reported comment that he is a “very partisan judge with a person who is very partisan sitting alongside him, perhaps even more partisan than he is.”

Trump nodded and responded saying, “Yes.”

“To whom were you referring?” Engoron asked.

“You and Cohen,” Trump replied.

“Are you sure that you didn’t mean the person on the other side, my principal law clerk?” Engoron asked.

“Yes I’m sure,” Trump



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