Joy Behar: ‘If Trump Wins the Presidential Election in November, We Will Not Have a Country’ – EVOL

Joy Behar stated to her co-hosts on ABC’s “The View” this Friday that if former President Donald Trump wins the presidential election in November, “we will not have a country.”

“I think it’s incredibly sad how dysfunctional, we’ve seen the dysfunction in Congress and now dysfunction in the Supreme Court.” Co-host Ana Navarro said

“So Americans have to be watching this and just having this crisis, existential crisis of faith in our most important institutions. Look, I think John Roberts has lost control of the court,” she continued.

“Maybe he agrees with them,” Behar said.

“I don’t know if he does or not but he has a duty to the American people as chief justice to make sure that this Supreme Court is at a certain level of decorum and you have Ginni Thomas and Clarence Thomas accepting all sorts of gifts from billionaires and hearing some of the cases and you’ve got this I mean it is an embarrassment,” Navarro said.

“This lifetime assignments has to stop. And they need to fix the Electoral College it is Un-American,” Behar said.

“People have to understand what is going on. You will not have a country if Trump gets in.



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