Jonathan Turley: Trump Trial Was ‘Abuse’ of America’s Justice System – EVOL

Renowned legal scholar Professor Jonathan Turley has blasted the “hush money” trial against President Donald Trump as an “abuse” of America’s once-great justice system.

Turley, a professor at George Washington University Law School, discussed the Trump trial verdict with Fox News star Judge Jeanine Pirro.

During an appearance on “America Reports,” Turley described the “guilty” verdict as “popular justice of Manhattan.”

However, he noted that this is not the kind of justice Americans “look for.”

Turley compared the trial to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s classified documents case against Democrat President Joe Biden.

Hur noted in his report that Biden was found to have mishandled classified material.

However, the special counsel chose not to pursue a conviction because the just would unlike convict Biden due to his diminished mental state.

Turley explains:

“Well, there’s an irony, of course, because you just had a special counsel who said, I’m not indicting the president because he’s an elderly man with a failing memory…

“So there is that irony.

“Look, we agree on this, the justice system being the touchstone of all Americans.

“But this was an abuse,” Turley warned.

“And I think that people who are fair-minded would say this was a basically popular



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