Jon Stewart Caught Falsely Inflating Value of Home during Sale after Accusing Trump of Overvaluing Properties – EVOL

President Donald Trump’s critics piled on when New York’s Democrat Attorney General Letitia James accused him of overvaluing his properties.

James and radical Judge Arthur Engroon came to this conclusion by massively undervaluing Trump’s properties and then claiming he exaggerated their values.

Democrats and anti-Trump celebrities used this information from the case to smear and attack the 45th president.

However, some of those critics, including Jon Stewart, have been exposed as supreme hypocrites.

It has now emerged that Stewart may have committed “fraud” when he sold his New York City home.

According to Breitbart, Stewart, who accused Trump of “lying” about his property values, reportedly overvalued his own New York home by a whopping 829% during a sale.

The liberal comedian is taking an absolute beating across social media in the wake of the report that he overvalued his home, and rightfully so.

Making matters even more embarrassing for Stewart is the fact that he dedicated an entire episode of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” to ridiculing Trump in his New York civil case brought by AG James.

These attacks included taking specific shots at Trump for allegedly overvaluing his properties.

Breitbart noted:

On Monday’s show, Jon Stewart accused Trump



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