John Kerry Declares War on ‘Climate Change Deniers’: A ‘Dangerous Threat to Humanity’

President Biden’s “climate czar” John Kerry has declared war on critics of the globalist green agenda.

Kerry lashed out at so-called “climate change deniers” and those who dare to question the “settled science.”

The top Biden admin official accuses “climate change deniers” of being in a “dangerous cult” that is threatening the existence of humanity.

He made the remarks in Edinburgh, Scotland at an event at The Signet Library, after flying on a private jet to the UK to lecture the public on the “climate crisis.”

“Without facts or economics on their side, they flatly deny what is happening to our planet and what we must do to save it!” John Kerry said.

Kerry continued:

“They incite a movement against what they falsely label ‘climate change fanaticism’ as they conveniently forget that the dictionary definition of a ‘cult’ is ‘the dismissal of facts in devotion to a lie.’”

“They lash out at the truth-tellers instead and label indisputable evidence as hysteria,” Kerry added.

Biden’s climate czar then claimed that “climate change deniers” are a danger to the existence of humanity and life on Earth.


John Kerry flies all over the world in private jets whilst lecturing the peasants on



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