John Fetterman says he’ll suit-up as Senate unanimously adopts formal dress code

The shorts were short-lived.

The Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed a bill that requires members to follow a dress code that will include a coat, tie, and slacks for men, ending controversy triggered over Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman displaying his casual style on the floor.

“Though we’ve never had an official dress code, the events over the past week have made us all feel as though formalizing one is the right path forward,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement. “I deeply appreciate Senator Fetterman working with me to come to an agreement that we all find acceptable, and of course I appreciate Sen. Manchin and Sen. Romney’s leadership on this issue.”

The issue of a Senate dress code first came up after Schumer directed the Senate’s sergeant at arms to stop enforcing the unofficial dress code earlier this month. The rule-change primarily impacted Fetterman, who had previously been casting votes from the cloakroom in shorts and a hoodie but not stepping onto the Senate floor in his signature casual look.

In the days following Schumer’s directive, Fetterman presided over the Senate in shorts and a black short sleeve button up shirt, prompting continued outcry, largely from Republicans,



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