Joe Rogan: Democrats Are ‘Lying to Everyone’ about Biden over Fears They’ll ‘Empower’ Trump – EVOL

Podcaster Joe Rogan has asserted that Democrats are refusing to publicly criticize President Joe Biden over fears he will lose the election in November.

Rogan argues Democrats lost all credibility by “lying to everyone” to cover for Biden over fears that criticisms could “empower” President Donald Trump.

The host spoke to standup comedian Brian Redban during Thursday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

They talked at length about the parallels between modern Democrats protecting Biden from criticism and bumbling leaders of historic empires before their collapse.

Rogan slammed Biden’s supporters for repeatedly covering for him.

“We’re at this crazy part right before, where the president is like clearly gone and everybody’s like, ‘No, he’s amazing,’” Rogan said.

“All these f**king people, because they don’t want the other guy to win, are just lying to everyone and ruining their credibility.”

“I’m willing to vote Democrat, show me one that says something that makes sense, that I can trust, that’s not dying,” Rogan said.

“Just show me one that’s younger, show me one that is a reasonable centrist that makes sense.”

“But they don’t want to do that.

“They just want to keep trotting this crazy situation out,” the podcast host said



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