Joe Rogan Completely Dismantles CNN, Mainstream Media In Scathing Podcast

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan recently took aim at CNN, critiquing their portrayal of significant figures in the media, like Tucker Carlson, and emphasizing the importance of platforms like Twitter in offering these figures more freedom of expression.

In a recent episode featuring guest Dave Smith, Rogan delved into the discrepancy between how networks like CNN present figures such as Carlson and the actual popularity and influence these figures wield.

Rogan pointed out, “Just look what they did to Tucker Carlson who was the number one guy on television…

“They removed him because he was a problem.”

Rogan’s primary argument revolved around the idea that mainstream media outlets, such as CNN, seem to be painting a picture out of touch with the reality of the public’s sentiment.

Smith chimed in, saying, “If you listen to CNN… they talk about you [Rogan] or the way they talk about Tucker Carlson… it’s like you’re these very controversial figures… but then you’re like, no, he’s the number one guy in cable news and you’re the number one guy in podcasting.”


Joe Rogan & Dave Smith on Why Tucker on X is So Important



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