Joe Biden Issues New Environmental Rule Aimed at Phasing Out Gas-Powered Vehicles in America – EVOL

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced the most radical environmental rules in U.S. history, aiming to phase out gas-powered vehicles and mandate the use of electric cars, despite concerns about their efficiency.

Per the reports, the Biden administration, along with the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), made a joint announcement, confirming a set of environmental regulations aimed at significantly reducing emissions from gas-powered vehicle tailpipes.

These regulations, purportedly a response to concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, are expected to have a substantial economic impact.

The announcement wasn’t unexpected, given reports suggesting the rules would be confirmed this week. However, it represents a change from last month when administration officials were reportedly contemplating easing up on the initiative as a concession to automakers and labor unions during an election year.

Reports notes the rules are designed to push electric vehicles. Regime officials say they expect nearly 70% of all new car sales to be zero-emissions within a few years.

As per Fox News:

Automakers will be forced to rapidly curb the emissions of greenhouse gases, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter from new passenger cars, light trucks, and larger pickups and vans, beginning with model



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