Joe Biden Goes Off Script: Global Warming “Going Above 1.5 degrees in the Next 2010 Years” Is More Frightening Than Nuclear War (Video)

Joe Biden went off script in Vietnam.

Every time this dolt takes a trip abroad he reveals to the global community that the US is a shell of what it once was.

On Sunday in Vietnam Joe Biden started preaching on global warming again – Joe says it’s more frightening than nuclear war.

Don’t think so.

America is not a serious nation anymore.

Joe Biden is proof of that.

But don’t say it out loud or the FBI make break your door down and send you to prison.

Here is Joe Biden spewing global warming folklore today in Vietnam.

Joe Biden: There’s more carbon observed from the air into the Amazon region into the ground, the ground, than emitted in the entire United States on the same basis. Now, imagine if people go in and do what we did 100 and 50, 200 and 50 years ago and cut down the forest and start farming that area no longer have that great carbon sink. You know, it would be, it’s gonna, it would be a gigantic problem. So we should be going to areas, whether it’s in the Congo or other places as the G7 nations and of the



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