Joe Biden Desperately Tries To Avoid Falling Over In The Wind While Visiting The Border – EVOL

In an attempt to ensure the public that his administration takes the current border situation seriously, Biden was filmed taking a stroll in Brownsville, Texas for a photo-op.

Well, not a stroll really.

More of a shuffle.

As Biden “walked” with security officials along a barren stretch of the southern border he can be seen struggling to stand.

Looks like the wind is going to blow him over🤣

— QCgymrat 🇺🇸 (@QCgymrat) February 29, 2024

It will never cease to amaze me how Biden’s handlers think these photo-ops are going to be well received every time.

Because every time, people end up having a laugh at how apparent it is that Biden isn’t even capable of knowing where he is going these days.

BIDEN CAUGHT ON HOT-MIC: “Where am I going?!”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) February 29, 2024

— Shirley Pennington (@Shirley61000171) February 29, 2024

— David R. Marcussen (@78754R) February 29, 2024

President Trump was also at the border today but in the much more relevant Eagle’s Pass, where hundreds of thousands of migrants have illegally entered the country in the last few months.

And he was walking just fine.



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