Joe Biden Caught on Hot Mic Making Snarky Remark About the Auto Union Strike to Netanyahu as Handlers Shoo Away Press (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday participated in a bilateral meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York.

This is Joe Biden’s first meeting with Netanyahu since he was elected Prime Minister.

Recall, that Joe Biden first met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog over the summer as a snub to Netanyahu.

On the outset of their meeting, Joe Biden performed the sign of the Cross, a Christian gesture, as he sat across from Netanyahu.

Biden read from his notecards (of course).


BREAKING: Meeting on the sidelines of the @UN in New York, @POTUS — at the outset of remarks by Israeli Prime Minister @netanyahu as the two sat before the U.S. and Israeli flags — oddly performed the sign of the cross, a ritual Christian gesture. Mr. Biden read from notecards;…

— James Rosen (@JamesRosenTV) September 20, 2023

After the quick meeting, Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic making a snarky remark about the auto union strike. He doesn’t care about the autoworkers.

“Surprised they haven’t asked me about the auto strike. They usually ask about things that have nothing to do with what we’re talking about,” Biden said to Netanyahu, according



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