Jill Biden Unveils This Year’s TACKY White House Christmas Decorations with Flying Reindeer, Floating Ice Cream Cones and Cupcakes

Dr. Jill on Monday unveiled this year’s tacky White House Christmas decorations.

“Nearly 15,000 feet of ribbon, more than 350 candles and over 22,000 bells were used for the decorations, the White House said. More than 142,425 lights twinkle on trees, garlands, wreaths and other displays.” CBS News reported.

“Seventy-two wreaths sporting red ribbons adorn the north and south exteriors of the White House.” the outlet said.

“For this year’s holidays at the White House, our theme is inspired by how children experience this festive season: completely present in the beauty and bounty around them, their senses alight, with hearts open to the “Magic, Wonder, and Joy” of the season,” Jill Biden said.

“We have Santa’s magical sleigh suspended in the air in the Grand Foyer, a working train running around the Official White House Christmas Tree, and a Gingerbread White House that celebrates the 200th Anniversary of a childhood favorite, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas!” Jill Biden said.

“In this season of reflection and goodwill, we hope you will embrace your inner child and delight in simply being present with those you love,” Joe and Jill Biden wrote in a welcome letter. “It is a time for our



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