Jerry Seinfeld Shuts Down a “White Guilt” Reporter – EVOL

“Woke” is kryptonite to comedy.

And Jerry Seinfeld knows it.

Seinfeld famously places comedy above almost everything…

If it’s funny, it’s in.

If it’s not funny, it’s out.

The only thing that matters is if the audience laughs.  If they don’t laugh, it’s not funny and Jerry’s not interested in it.

It’s an almost religious devotion to finding and producing comedy that has driven him his whole life, and it’s one reason (in addition to Larry David) that his sitcom is widely considered to be the best of all time.

Because they obsessed about making every moment funny…and nothing else.

No lessons learned at the end of the episode…

No boring scenes to set up another scene…

Every bit was either funny or it got cut!

And that means there’s zero tolerance for things like Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

Comedy doesn’t respect DEI.

You’re either funny or you’re not, and it doesn’t matter what your skin color is on either side of that equation.

Babu (you’re a very bad man, Jerry, a very bad man!) was funny.  He was Indian and he was funny.

The Soup Nazi was funny and he was Iranian or something, who even knows.

Jerry, George,



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