JD Vance Takes Sledgehammer to Biden’s ‘Banana Republic’ in Fiery Speech on the Floor

Republican Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio on Wednesday likened the Biden administration to a “banana republic.”

Since June, Vance has rejected all attempts to give unanimous consent to appointments within the Department of Justice requiring Senate confirmation, according to a news release on his website.

On Wednesday, he doubled down on his position during comments in the Senate.

“I object to this because we are living in a banana republic where the President is using his Department of Justice to go after his chief political rival, the person he will appear on the ballot with in about a year,” Vance said in a post shared on social media.

No more banana republic stuff from Joe Biden. So long as he goes after his political opponents, I will hold nominations to the Department of “Justice” pic.twitter.com/Tfc3d69ind

— J.D. Vance (@JDVance1) November 1, 2023

Earlier in his remarks, he said the need to prosecute drug cases is due to the Biden administration’s border policies.

“I think it takes a special amount of gall to be from Joe Biden’s political party and to complain about the fentanyl crisis that is ravaging, not just Ohio, but the entire country, because it is



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