JD Vance Drops Hammer on Tyson Foods for Replacing American Workers with Illegal Aliens – EVOL

Republican Senator J.D. Vance has fired back after it emerged that Tyson Foods is replacing American workers with illegal aliens.

Fox News anchor Jesse Watters reported that Tyson is shutting down its Iowa plant and killing 1,200 American jobs so it can shift operations to New York and hire illegal aliens instead.


Vance appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss his reaction to reports stating Tyson Foods hired thousands of migrants after they announced the closure of an Iowa plant.

Watters questioned the Ohio senator on whether it was legal for a company to “axe” American workers and instead hire migrants.

Vance warned that he will be looking into the situation with Tyson.

However, he called the move the “entire point” of illegal immigration.

Sen. Vance continued to slam American companies who are “replacing” U.S. citizens with foreign workers who are “willing to work at slave wages.”

He stated it was not capitalism or creating a market economy.

“Well, it shouldn’t be, Jesse,” he said.

“We’re certainly going to look into whether we can change that, assuming Tyson is operating legally – which we don’t even know if they are.

“We don’t know the details of this,” Vance



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