Jay Leno Rips Los Angeles In Rare Public Sighting – EVOL

Jay Leno, the beloved former host of “The Tonight Show,” didn’t hold back when asked about his experience driving his futuristic Cybertruck around Los Angeles. Known for his expansive car collection and deep love for all things automotive, Leno had a sharp criticism of the city he’s long called home.

While showing off his Tesla Cybertruck, a vehicle that has garnered attention for its unconventional design and robust features, Leno was approached by a curious bystander who inquired if he had conducted the “bullet test” on the truck—a reference to Tesla’s claim of the vehicle’s bullet-resistant exterior.

Leno’s response was as quick-witted as ever: “Yeah, just drive around LA.”

Despite the humorous delivery, Leno’s comment reflected a serious undercurrent of frustration among Angelenos, who have been vocal about their concerns regarding the city’s direction in recent years.


Jay Leno in his Cybertruck

Person: “Have you done the bullet test?”

Jay Leno: “Yea, just drive around LA” pic.twitter.com/Wzrbt0rWkq

— Tesla Hype (@TeslaHype) June 3, 2024

Beyond the spotlight and his candid street-side remarks, Leno has been facing significant personal challenges that have required a much different kind of resilience and leadership than his television days ever demanded. In April



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