Japanese Study: COVID-19 Does NOT Exist – EVOL

A recent study conducted in Japan suggests that there was no deadly pathogen in 2020 and that the COVID-19 vaccines were created with the intention of reducing the population.

The study analyzed age-adjusted mortality rates for different types of cancer during the pandemic years (2020-2022) and compared them to pre-pandemic data.

The study found that there was not a noticeable increase in death rates in 2020, but there was a significant increase in cancer-related mortality in 2021 after widespread vaccination.

In 2022, after the administration of the third vaccine dose, mortality rates for all types of cancer increased significantly.

The study also highlights the potential dangers of the mRNA-LNP vaccine, including its impact on coagulation and DNA damage, which could increase the risk of cancer.

The study suggests a connection between the spike protein in the vaccines and the growth of breast cancer cells.

It also notes that the nanoparticles in the vaccines tend to accumulate in the ovaries and bone marrow, potentially explaining the increase in deaths from ovarian cancer and leukemia.

The author of the study emphasizes the need for further research and understanding of the potential risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccines.

Highlights of the study



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