Japan Bans Covid Shots over Soaring Sudden Deaths – EVOL

Japan has just banned Covid mRNA shots for public use and called on other nations to follow suit after an official government study tied the injections to the nation’s soaring sudden deaths.

Like many other countries around the world, Japan has been battling a crisis of skyrocketing sudden and unexpected deaths since 2021.

The issue has become so dire in Japan that the country is now facing population collapse as more citizens are dying than are being born.

New studies in Japan have now linked the soaring deaths to Covid injections.

However, the latest study has sent shock waves through the global scientific community as it shows that dangerous contaminations in shots are not only affecting those who have received injections.

Scientists have found that Covid mRNA vaccines have now contaminated Japan’s blood transfusion stock due to vaccinated people giving blood.

The risks associated with Covid shots are now being transferred to other unvaccinated people through blood transfusions.

Receiving blood transfusion from COVID-19-vaccinated individuals poses a severe medical risk to unvaccinated recipients since numerous adverse events are being reported among vaccinated people worldwide, the Japanese study found.

The preprint review, published on March 15, examined whether receiving blood from COVID-19-vaccinated



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