James Woods Issues Warning About Kevin McCarthy: “Reshaped the Republican Party as the Democrats’ handmaidens”

Hollywood legend James Woods has slammed Kevin McCarthy for being a “catastrophe” in his role as House speaker.

Woods blasted McCarthy as a “RINO” and accused the speaker of reshaping the Republican Party as the “handmaidens” of the Democrats.

Lou Dobbs took to special media to implore McCarthy to take steps to remove the most corrupt president in our history. He said:

“Mr. Speaker–it’s time for you to call a Special Session of Congress to confront what is a National Crisis that requires our Representatives to remove the most corrupt President in our nation’s history.  It is time for you to lead, follow or get out of the way.

Enter James Woods who said, “Don’t waste your breath.

“You and I both know McCarthy is a “hands-across-the-aisle” catastrophe.

“He and his RINO posse have now reshaped the Republican Party as the Democrats’ handmaidens.

“The GOP will be lapping up crumbs and sucking hind teat until the party is non-existent.”

Woods added: “$700 per household for Americans whose homes were razed during a preventable disaster.

“People stood in the ocean watching their community disintegrate and their neighbors burn to death.

“Seven. Hundred. Lousy. Dollars.

“But $113 BILLION to Ukraine.

“Good job,



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