James Carville Goes Berserk Over Democrat Polling Woes, ‘Full Of Sh** Messaging’ – EVOL

Longtime Democrat political operative James Carville erupted into yet another fiery tirade about his party’s messaging ahead of the 2024 election.

Carville — who is best known for coining the phrase “it’s the economy, stupid” to explain electoral success or lack there of — is livid with the Democratic Party’s dismissal of economic issues. Despite months of polling demonstrating that Americans do not have confidence in the economy or President Biden’s handling of it, the Biden campaign has dismissed polling while claiming that the economy is actually humming.

“The generational thievery that has occurred in this country is criminality of the first order. We keep wondering why these young people are not coming home to the Democrats. Why are blacks not coming home to the Democrats? Because Democrat messaging is full of sh*t, that’s why,” Carville said during a recent appearance on the Politicon podcast.

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“And talk about cost of living, and we’re going to help deal with this. Don’t talk about fu**ing Gaza and student loans. That is so out.”

President Biden has continued to bleed support from demographics that were key to his victory in 2020,



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