Jack Smith's Anti-Trump D.C Election Case Removed from Court's Trial Calendar - EVOL

The federal 2020 election case brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith against President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. has quietly been removed from the court’s trial calendar.

Trump was originally slated to begin trial on March 4 in D.C. district court in the case brought by Smith.

However, that date is no longer in effect.

In fact, a recent review of the D.C. district court’s calendar has revealed that Trump’s federal election trial has effectively been canceled as the case no longer appears on the court’s schedule for March 4, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

The removal of the March 4 trial date from the court’s calendar, while certainly a substantial blow to Smith’s apparent goal of rapidly prosecuting and convicting the 45th president before the 2024 election, is not at all unexpected.

The entire case was placed indefinitely on hold in December pending the eventual resolution of an appeal on Trump’s claim of presidential immunity from criminal prosecution.

On Wednesday, CBS News reporter Scott MacFarlane posted to the X platform a screenshot of the D.C. district court’s calendar for March 4.

Notably, the calendar no longer includes the case of U.S. v. Trump which was previously scheduled



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