Jack Smith’s Anti-Trump Classified Documents Trial Dropped after Prosecutor Admits Destroying Exculpatory Evidence – EVOL

President Donald Trump’s trial for the classified documents case led by Special Counsel Jack Smith has been dropped by the judge.

Judge Aileen Cannon has now delayed the trial indefinitely.

The move comes just days after Smith’s team admitted to misleading her about key evidence.

In a Friday court filing, Smith admitted that evidence had been tampered with since it was seized in the notorious raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

Key evidence in the case was altered, manipulated, or destroyed since the FBI seized it, Smith admitted to the judge.

Prosecutors had also misled the court about it for some time.

The digital scans of documents do not line up with the physical ordering of the files, Smith admitted.

The chronology of the files is critical in a case where Trump is accused of deliberately hoarding classified information.

Legal experts say Smith may have destroyed evidence that could have exonerated Trump.

The original document order could show that the files had been left untouched since leaving the White House at the end of the Trump presidency.

A former Trump defense lawyer who previously worked the case, Tim Parlatore, said the boxes appeared to be in pristine condition when



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