Jack Smith PANICS After Trump Repeatedly Talks About ‘Deadly Force’ Authorization During Mar-A-Lago Raid – EVOL

Special Counsel Jack Smith on Friday requested a gag order to be imposed on former President Donald Trump relating to the classified documents case. Smith is seeking to bar Trump from discussing the fact that FBI agents who raided his Mar-A-Lago estate in 2022 were authorized to use deadly force.

In Friday’s court filings, Smith asked U.S. Judge Aileen Cannon to modify the conditions of Trump’s pre-trial release to “make clear that he may not make statements that pose a significant, imminent, and foreseeable danger to law enforcement agents participating in the investigation and prosecution of this case.”

Smith accused Trump of making “false and inflammatory” statements about how the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) executed its unprecedented raid in 2022. Agents executing the raid — which was personally approved by Attorney General Merrick Garland — were authorized to use deadly force on Trump, his family, Mar-Lago guests and even the former president’s Secret Service detail if deemed necessary.

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Defenders of the raid have argued that the use of force policy is simply “boilerplate” language that applies to every FBI operation.

“Those statements create a grossly misleading impression



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